Friday, 11 march 2016 Prayer Schedule

Pray with us - Glenwood Community Church (Durban) Today there are 5 prayer points . . .

God, you are abounding in forgiveness and mercy and goodness I cannot understand in this life. I worship You with my heart and soul. As I sit in regret and guilt over past sin, remind me of Your forgiveness. Please let me feel Your mercy. Fill me with it so I can give it to others I encounter today.
Max Lucado with Andrea Lucado

Spreading the Gospel to the whole World
“Then he told them: Go and preach the good news to everyone in the world. Anyone who believes me and is baptised will be saved.”
We have many parts of the world where people have not had the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Pick a Town, region or country and really pray for the people to hear the word and get saved (also pray for the missionaries in these areas, some far away from their families & loved ones’).
Mark 16 vs. 15-16

GCC Leadership vision
 Lord, please reveal Your Will to our Church Leadership.
 Lord, let your will be done. Please anoint our church leadership to follow your will.

Prayer for the KZN Baptist Association
 Pray for the new KZNBA President Elect Richard Seku, who has taken over from Pastor Dean.
 Pray for the Vice-President position to be filled with the right person.

GCC Youth on Friday afternoon & evening
Please pray as the Lord leads you.

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