Tuesday 5th May 2016 Prayer Schedule

Pray with us - Glenwood Community Church (Durban)

GCC Finances
For GCC to have sufficient funds for their various ministries & the proposed property development.

Our Giving as GCC Members
Help us all to be obedient to the Lord in our giving. Let us all give our offerings with a clear conscience and heart. The Lord loves a cheerful giver.
Matthew 5 vs. 23-24

The sick & those with needs
Come to me all you who are heavily laden and I will give you peace. Pray for our Church members who are sick or going through trying times. Pray for those in the bulletin as well as John and Paul Richardson.

Seniors Ministry
Pray for our seniors and the ministry activities. Pray for John Horne. Pray especially for volunteers to help John.

South African Baptist Union – Please pray for
 Pray for Church Planting in the BUSA & for the training of church planters by Andrew Sieberhagen (Lynn) & Shadrack Monageng (Anna)
 General Secretary Angelo Scheepers as he shares the United in Mission Thrust of the BU throughout the country. For Nelson Abraham the missions developer as he leads the Missions Thrust of the Union.
 The theme for the Baptist Union this year is “Unashamed”. Pray that the Lord will give each Baptist in the country and particularly in our Church, boldness to proclaim the Gospel.

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