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Leonidas & Lorraine Sabushimike

Address: P.O. Box 696 Skilpadfontein 0431
Tel: 072 122 6565 /0768665551
E Mail Address: leorraine@webmail.co.za

Birthdays: Leonidas 12 January, Lorraine 14 August, Heather 03 March, Joshua 07 April

Leo and Loraine ministry started in a Village called Marapyane (Skilpadfontein). They are more involved in church planting, outreach ministries in the village, workshops on HIV Aids in schools and other community gatherings.

A soup kitchen is run on Wednesdays for more than 150 children and adults attending and we use this as an optimality to share the Gospel. We also use our office for Pre and post test counseling for those who do HIV tests with support groups.

The Church is growing and we have managed to build a Hall that can accommodate more than 300 people. We remain with a lot of work to get people in. We are thinking of continuing with work in a village called Schiganoi. They are calling us for Church planting.

Here is their most recent email correspondence:
We are very pleased to have this opportunity once again to thank the Lord for his mercy upon our lives! We are very thankful for his protection and love that we have enjoyed this last few years since we arrived in skilpadfontein village ten years ago!

It about this time when GCC gave us this wonderful opportunity of serving the Lord in Marapyane village. We remember coming with aunty Leana Uys all the way from Durban to this place, it was an amazing journey that we will both never forget. I remember seeing Aunty Leana teers running out of her eyes saying good bye living us behind, looking at where we were coming from and seeing where we were going to spend sometimes serving the kingdom of God!! It was so amazing and touching.

For this ten years we have experienced God in different ways, testimonies of his greatness are full in our hearts and we have learnt more about trusting the Lord in all situations!! Thank God for you brethren who have been on our side for this last ten years , may the Lord abundantly bless you and keep you for more years to come so that we can continue serving him together!!

From 18 to 21 September we had a three days thanksgiving services to our Lord, we had our 10th anniversary and thanked God for being with us all these years, we also used that opportunity to invite brethren to support us while praying and blessing the elders of the church.

We had 13 people trained and equipped to take over the eldership of the two churches so that we can have some few days off sometimes. Thank God for brother Richard du Toit and brother Enoch Muniah who were there with other visitors from the community who came to give us support, may the Lord bless you!
Keep us in prayers we sometimes think that we may move to another area for some new church planting but using our place as our home so that we can keep an eye on the development of other ministries in Marapyane.

Pray also for our daughter who will be moving to Limpopo for schooling and we really need God,s provision for her schooling.

We also thank God for blessing us with a small house in Bela Bela town where it will be closer to our kids schools although we need some funds to renovate the house but it is a very good beginning as we trust the Lord for some fund to pay for a developer in order to fix it for us before the beginning of school next year 2017, brethren keep us in prayers.

May the Lord bless you and pass our love to all brethren meeting in Jesus name at GCC

With love
Leon, Lorraine and family


leonadis-and-lorrain-10yrs-1-with-glenwood-community-church-durban-south-africa leonadis-and-lorrain-10yrs-2-with-glenwood-community-church-durban-south-africa
leonadis-and-lorrain-10yrs-3-with-glenwood-community-church-durban-south-africa leonadis-and-lorrain-10yrs-4-with-glenwood-community-church-durban-south-africa



Stephen and Lorraine Stavropolous

Transworld Radio Manzini, Swaziland.
Address: P.O. Box 64, Manzini, Swaziland.
E-mail: sstavrop@twr.org.sz

Birthdays: Stephen- 27 Sept., Lorraine- 4 May, Esther-23 Dec., Duane-13 Oct., John -30 Oct.

Steve is the Chief Engineer at the Radio Station and Lorraine is the DX letter Secretary.They are rejoicing that John has graduated as a missionary with New Tribes Mission. He is doing his deputation in the US and will finish in S.Africa (arriving 09/012).From then on he will be going to Indonesia.

Please pray that the MW transmitter can be replaced this year, also for wisdom for us in our work and Church responsibilities

Paul Richardson

Inner City Mission
Co-ordinating missionaries in the Inner City of Durban

Helping to reach…
Drug Addicts
Taxi Drivers
Foreign Nationals
Human Traffickers
Flat Dwellers

Cell: 082 446 1728

Pray for Safety and Protection. Rich Harvest & Adequate Support

John and Alysse Stavropolous


Adam Speedy

Love from the Speedy family
Wishing you a Special Merry Christmas from the Speedy family!
In this season of greater focus on the greatest Man in history, the unique Savior, born 2000 years ago, let's pray that more souls are salvaged this Christmas and the coming year of 2017.
A few little prayer alerts and praise reports that are in our hearts......
  • PRAYER ALERT- CONGO: Pray for peace... Please pray for Pastor Emile and the Congo, which has experienced some turbulence recently, due to postponed elections and an expired presidential term. 
  • PRAISE REPORT - LAND: Almost there... We want to praise God for answering prayer and allowing us to raise a large part of the money needed for our church in Congo to acquire their own land, thanks to the kind help of both a South African church and a dear S.A. family, who continue to stand with us faithfully. We are amazed at God's faithfulness to us, and this ministry.
  • PRAYER REQUEST - P. JABU: In our hearts... Please keep in your prayers Pastor Jabulani of Pretoria, along with his 3 young children, who this past week lost their lovely wife and mother suddenly, to heaven's gain. Only God truly knows, understands, comforts, and heals the broken hearted. We are broken with him and pray for him often.
  • PRAISE REPORT - BABY SPEEDY: Coming soon... Praise God with us for our good news, the 4th Speedy baby, another boy, due in April! Praying for a Speedy delivery!
  • PRAYER REQUEST - TRAVELS: The baby's due date has affected my ability to go to ZamCon in April, but I am planning a trip to Morocco in March, and further travels after the baby's birth, God willing. We are contacted so often by our friends in Tanzania and Zambia, it is hard to not travel.
Thank you for having us in your hearts, we so appreciate everyone who prays for us.
Love from the the Speedy's
EMAIL: inf@thespeedyz.com FACEBOOK: TheSpeedyz TWITTER: TheSpeedyz_com THESPEEDYZ NEWS ONLINE: www.TheSpeedyz.com FINISHED WORK eSOURCES: www.FWeSOURCES.com PHONE: +1-443-579-4440 local US call/text (we'll get it in in anywhere) FEED: http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=TheSpeedyz

Local Missions

We have a number of local projects running:

School Outreach

The schools in the area are reached weekly with the gospel. Pray for commitments and discipleship with the contacts made. With the upcoming soccer World Cup a project is running called “Valuable to Jesus” whereby dolls are made and given out to the children in the schools, with the message that they are “not for sale” Contacts: are Lisa


This has a Christian basis which reaches into the community, and the Gospel is shared daily. Contact Fionia Mahon

Kairos Prison Ministry


“I was in prison and you visited me…” Matt 25:36

This is a lay led Christian Ministry, a 72 hour journey into a prison which allows the inmates to witness Christís love and opportunity to experience a Christian renewal accepting Godís call to a life of Christian witness. They are then encouraged to establish Prayer and share groups in their sections beyond this weekend, to share their lives in a deep spiritual level and to [pray for one another.

Kairos Teams continuously need volunteers, not only to go into the prison but to communicate His love through their gifts of AGAPE such as prayer cookies, letters, finance etc. For more info contact Brian Crossley: 0731487239 or go to the website: www.kairosministry.co.za



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