Testimony Tuesday: Belinda Pieterse

Testimony TuesdayToday’s Testimony Tuesday is by Belinda Pieterse. This is her story:


I recently experienced something absolutely awesome and it affected me so profoundly
that I had to share it with the rest of my fellow believers…

I recently went through a very rough patch in my life and I had become anxious and depressed. I had been working through some very serious emotional issues from my past and life, at that stage just decided to kick me while I was down and throw every possible crisis at me all at once. To add to an already overwhelming situation I had been ill for en extended period of time, which left me feeling utterly exhausted and run down.

This situation continued for about a month and a half and slowly a feeling of defeat started settling in my heart. I started feeling as if I was just never going to be what God had intended for me and that I was too weak and too psychologically scarred to be able to rise above my circumstances.

During this period I felt so physically and spiritually defeated that even though I prayed I did not believe that I would feel better any time soon and as a result I didn’t. After a while I started believing that praying wasn’t helping me and was quite pointless and so I ceased.

After adopting this attitude for about 2 weeks or so I found myself feeling very hopeless.
Then finally on the Saturday of the 10th of August, at what I would say was the very lowest point of my situation, I compulsively decided to pray and started pouring my heart out to the Lord and begging Him to help me and release me from this emotional bondage I found myself in. The difference this time, however, was that while I was praying I mad a vow with God, that if he were to release me, I would not allow myself to get to that point again and most important of all I BELIEVED that God would hear my prayer and release me.

The next morning when I woke up I still felt tired and a little shaky from all the emotional stress, but yet there was something different about my attitude that I could not explain. I found myself feeling uplifted and positive and I no longer felt this heaviness in my heart that had been tormenting me for weeks. I literally went from feeling hopeless and defeated to hopeful and strong. I found myself feeling stronger and stronger and by Monday I was literally walking around singing for joy!

I suddenly felt like I could accomplish anything. I finally realised that God had never left my side-he was simply waiting for me to seek His help and to believe in His power and the very moment I did that he lifted me up and comforted me.

This experience, I have come to realise, was definitely a test and overcoming it has completely changed my outlook on life and God. Ever since that moment, God has slowly been revealing possibilities to me that both excite and terrify me all at the same time. I started to realise that even though I have been a Christian for about 2 and a half years I have never truly understood and grasped the power of God and the Holy Spirit and the value that they hold for us in life today!

I have found a new courage to speak out and share the gospel openly with others and to share with all how truly awesome and amazing our God is!

Praise the Lord!

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