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Glenwood Community Church seeks to provide a balance in the seniors programming, that would cater for both the spiritual and social needs of our seniors. Our approach has been to arrange church-based and outing based functions, that has to date been well supported. These events provide a wonderful opportunity for our seniors to enjoy the different venues and activities and socialise in a very relaxed environment. We also ensure to cater for a variety of interests.


This group meets every second and fourth Thursday at 9.30am and is led by John Horne, a long standing member of Glenwood Community Church. It is an encouragement to see the love our elderly folk have for the Word of God. It is our desire to see this part of our Seniors’ Ministry grow.



A big word of thanks to our medical team, headed up by Dr. Mudely and Sister Anna-Marie Schoeman. They are assisted by various volunteer nurses. It is a blessing to see the amazing way in which they minister the love of Christ to our Seniors’ on Health Days. Many of our older folk don’t always have the wherewithal to attend doctor’s appointments as regularly as they would like and our medical team render a valuable service in this regard.


The seniors meeting on the third Thursday of each month at 9.30am where a variety of activities take place, for example: Christian music DVDs are played; health issues are discussed and “remember when” stories are related. Our “Get Togethers” cater for both social and spiritual interaction. Sharing moments of common interests and belief, along with some humorous stories and personal testimonies, are all part of the enjoyment. Singing and individual updates also enhance the fellowship. If the laughter and buzz are anything to go by, this is a well worthwhile part of our seniors’ ministry.

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